Our Story​

Our story started  in Belgrade, Serbia in 2014. It all begun one day with thinking what to add into breakfast cereals, because we were not satisfied with what we could found on shelves. Quickly we were introduced into the magical world of dried fruits. Our founders were crazy enough to do some kitchen experiments in order to find the best formula for getting the highest quality of dried fruits. That was an awesome experience with great outcome. With formula in our hand, we went knocking from town to town, from village to village, from door to door to see who can produce dried fruits with our formula. Final outcome is that today we have succesfull cooperation with more than 15 small producers, where most of them are exclusively producing under our name and brand. We care about them and we want all of them to grow with us.

  • Raw materials

If you came here, don’t be lazy and continue to read this because it is interesting. Listen to this!

Serbia has the most sunny hours per year in the whole of Europe with 2640 hours. Spain is in second place with 2591 hours. After goes France, Croatia, Bulgaria.. UK has 1490 sunny hours only, per example. Poor Brits 🙁 

What does this mean? More sun means higher brix or dry matter in fresh fruits, which again means more natural sweetness and higher quality.

That’s not all. Before 600.000 years half of Serbia was under the Panonian sea. You can’t even imagine how fertile the land is today.

Btw, we have our own crops of sour cherries in Northern Serbia. Rest we buy from the fields or cold storage network in Serbia.