Nowadays private labels are a big part of retail market. We made a decision to make your all desires possible, whether you are a buyer from retail chain, importer that has developed brand or enthusiastic entrepreneur.

Private label manufacturing is something that takes a longer time compared to bulk packaging, but don’t be afraid, we know what to do.

Choosing us to manufacture private label for you has many pros, such as:

  • Lower price of the final products
  • Lower costs for operations and preparation of the product for shelf
  • Less operational work for you
  • No investment for packaging equipment
  • No harassment with suppliers
  • We have expertise that you don’t have


From our regular offer, we can offer private label for dried fruits, frozen fruits and NFC juices. Apart from that, if you want to create some special product such as muesli or fruit bar, we can always source additional ingredients from our network of partners and do it for you.


PL main


Some products packed in jars can be incredibly fancy and genuine. Compared to alternative packaging solutions, this can be more expensive, but the packaging is more eye-catching and with fine design your product can hit the shelves!


There are many solutions for bags packaging. Doy-packs, natron bags, regular PE bags, bags with inner gas, it all can be done. This solution is usually cheaper, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell exclusive products in it.


We are constantly working on upgrading our private label assortment, such as plastic tubes, carton covered bags and mini-size gift bags. If you have some special ideas, we would like to hear about that.