Air Dried Juniper Berry


We bet that most of people that are drinking gin have no clue that the main ingredient for gin producers is actually juniper berry. In Serbia, juniper bushes can be found in several regions. Harvest is in September and quantities are limited. After being harvested, juniper berries are gently dried, cleaned, sorted and packed for industry buyers. We have three final products:

  • Juniper berry for spice industry
  • Juniper berry for alcohol producers
  • Juniper berry essential oil


1kg of air juniper berry=3,5kg of fresh juniper berry

Ingredients: juniper berry

Variety: Juniperus

Shelf life: 36 months

Packaging: 25kg bag

Net euro-pallet: 600kg (120x80x220)

Used names: juniper berry, baie de genievre, wacholderbeeren, bobule jalovce, можжевельник