Infused Dried Sour Cherry Pieces

Due to the high demand from the industry sector, we decided to make this possible. Infused dried fruits are hard to cut on small pieces, but our team did it without any artificial processing aid, and with suitable equipment, of course.

Infused dried sour cherry pieces can be your top choice if you want to create some new products for your market with tiny pieces of sour cherry inside.


1kg of infused dried sour cherry=4kg of fresh sour cherry

Ingredients: sour cherry, glucose-fructose syrup / apple juice

Variety: Oblachinska

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: 5kg PE bag, 3 bags in one carton

Net euro-pallet: 720kg (120x80x190)

Used names: sour cherry, tart cherry, cerise, sauerkirschen, višně, вишня