Infused Dried Wild Blueberry

Compared to cultivated blueberry, wild one is harvested in forests, therefore is almost always organic, just the question is if it is certified or not. Village people from several regions in Serbia in August go to forests and hills with buckets in their hands to harvest wild blueberries and earn some extra money.

Our infused dried wild blueberry is really A grade and is one of our bestsellers.


1kg of infused dried wild blueberry=3,5kg of fresh wild blueberry

Ingredients: wild blueberry, glucose-fructose syrup / apple juice

Variety:Vaccinium Myrtillus

Shelf life: 15 months

Packaging: 1kg PE bag, 10 bags in one carton

Net euro-pallet: 560kg (120x80x190)

Used names: wild blueberry, myrtille, heidelbeere, дикая черника