Tuber Magnatum Pico


Tuber Magnatum Pico, better known as white truffle is the king of the mushrooms. White truffle is one of the most expensive ingredients that one chef can use in his restaurant. Price can be higher than a price of a smaller car. Jokers, pieces of white truffle that weigh more than a 100g can be sold for a price of a house. For people in the industry, this cost is totally reasonable, because taste and aroma are heavenish.

In Serbia, there are several regions where white truffles are harvested in the wilds with the help of the specially trained dog. Season starts in September and lasts till January. We are very proud to be a part of this industry. Our white truffles are being sold in more than 100 restaurants in Europe, but on the other continents as well.


Quality: jokers (100g+), I extra class (50g-100g), I class (20g-50g), II class (10g-20g), III class (1g-10g)

Shelf life: 7-14 days

Packaging: styrofoam box with varying net quantity

Net euro-pallet: n/a

Season: September till January

Used names: tuber magnatum pico, white truffle, white winter truffle, alba truffle